Saturday, November 19, 2011

My 1993 acura does not start what do u thin the problem?

i have 19993 acura integra and there is no spark on the spark plug and there is no fuel on the injector at all.But it cranks good so what do u think the problem is?|||main relay. had same problem in my 92 car turns over but wont fire. relay causes the fuel pump not to get power|||Turn off your a/c and radio when you're trying to start it. Check your battery's level, make sure it's posts and clamps are clean, make sure cables and wires aren't corroded, and have somebody jump your car. Let it run for a while to charge the battery. My car wouldn't start a while back and I found out that my grounding wire was almost completely corroded.|||Its most likely ur main relay! Its located under ur dash, drivers side its way up behind the fuse box. Its gray with a burgundy circuit board. It says mitsubu on it. You could get them at the junk yard or open yours up and air it out a day or two sometimes it works again.|||my guess would be alternator and fuel pump if no gas. good luck!

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